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The staff of J12 works in partnership with SU Scotland to run Scripture Union Groups in four local primary schools as well as Smithycroft Secondary.

In the four primary schools that J12 works in, P6-7s are invited to SU groups each week at lunchtime. The time is given to games, activities, discussion and looking at stories from the Bible.


In Smithycroft, J12 currently run an SU group for S1-3 pupils which meets in a classroom up at Smithycroft. These groups run similar to the primary group, with games, snacks and stories from the Bible- as well as a chance to discuss the stories further in small groups. 

All the children who attend these groups have the opportunity to attend either a weekend camp, a week-long camp or in some cases, both. These camps allow us to get to know the young people on a deeper level and take discussions further alongside games and various activities. You can read more about these camps here.

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