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As J12 strives to develop caring and nurturing relationships, one-to-one mentoring and small group informal work are key components of the project's life. Due to life being full of unexpected changes, many of our young people benefit greatly from some individual attention and space to talk about life in an unstructured setting. 


Throughout the week, many young people will given the opportunity to spend time one-to-one with one of J12's staff members or core volunteers to chat about life, family, faith and/or anything else that may be on their minds. These meetings may take place in the base over a card game, a coffee shop or out for dinner usually somewhere at Glasgow Fort. 

It is both an encouragement and a challenge to have many young people who have grown u p in the project move into adult life and continue to seek out J12 staff for ongoing support and mentoring. The significance of these relationships established through mentoring is perhaps most transparent in the 'Our Stories' section of the website where the young people explain in their own words the difference being part of J12 has made in their lives.

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