On a Monday evening, our S4-S6 aged young people meet together in small groups across various locations in the east end to play games, eat food, open the Bible and have discussion about faith, life and everything else in-between

Illuminate is a group for young people

in S4-S6, running every Monday night

in various location around the east end.

lluminate always includes a time for

games, which gives the young people

a chance to let off some steam and be

active. Following this, the young people

are given tea, coffee or hot chocolate

and a snack. This is a time to sit and

build relationships between

themselves and staff and other volunteer leaders. Some of the time is given to allow the young people to discuss big questions about life and their place in it. Often this is done through the telling of a specific Bible story which can lead to lively discussion and debate. Every second week, Illuminate meet in smaller groups (2-5 per group) to discuss in more detail the previous week's teaching material. Meeting in smaller groups allows for trust to deepen between the young people and volunteers and gives them a chance to talk about other issues they are facing without the pressure of being in a large group with their wider peers. Throughout the year there are various trips organised as well as the annual weekend away to a Scripture Union activity centre.