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Outclassed was set up with help from youth work recovery funding

As part of our response to lockdown, we applied for and were awarded a pot of funding specifically intended to aid in youth work recovery. We saw how damaging the first lockdown was for young people and so we put together a plan to work with p7-s3 pupils and help them re-engage with school.


We were able to hire a sessional worker, Kat, to help in the delivery of this work and got started in November with the project the young people named ‘OutClassed’.


Plans had to be rethought, however, when Glasgow went into tier 3 in the middle of November. Activity days were postponed and more of our work took place outside. We spent 3 weeks out at Hogganfield Loch completing various team and individual challenges, and drinking hot chocolate to keep warm. The primary 7 work all took part in the Cranhill Sensory garden so thankfully that was able to go ahead.


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